Cuba Phone Number Lookup:

Victoria de Las Tunas, Cuba phone number: +53 - 31 - Local Number
Country: Cuba
Country code: 53
Area Code 31: Victoria de Las Tunas, Cuba
Capital of Cuba: Havana
Local Time:
Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST)
Cuba Mobile Codes: 5, 52, 58
Cuba +53-31 Phone Number Search in: Victoria de Las Tunas, Amancio, Bartle, Colombia, Guayabal, Jesus Menendez, Jobabo, La Boca, Las Parras, Las Tunas, Majibacoa, Manati, Menendez, Omaja, Puerto Manati, Puerto Marti, Puerto Padre, Tunas, Vazquez, Victoria de Las Tunas
Cuba Country Information
Exit Code: 119
Total Population: 11,423,000
Continent: North America

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