World Phone Books

North America & Caribbean Islands - St Vincent and Grenadines Phone Books
St Vincent and Grenadines White Pages - Search people in the St Vincent and Grenadines Phone Book ( Search by first and last name. Choose the tab -Person- in the St Vincent and Grenadines Residential Directory.
St Vincent and Grenadines Yellow Pages - St Vincent and Grenadines Phone Book ( Search by keyword, name of company, service and location. Top St Vincent and Grenadines searches include- cars, banks, florists, hotels, insurance, real estate and more.

South America & Central America - Venezuela Phone Books
Venezuela White Pages - Paginas Blancas Cantv - Venezuela Telephone Directory - To search for a person select the tab "Paginas Blancas." Enter the person's name and location. The white pages phone book is in Spanish only.
Venezuela Paginas Amarillas - The Paginas Amarillas in Venezuela ( Search by company name or tpe and location. Find Restaurants, hotels, colleges, hardware stores, bookstores, tires, child parties, and more. Yellow pages phone book is in English and Spanish.

Europe - United Kingdom Phone Books Phone Book - Search for people in UK Phone Book ( Search by first and last name, and location. UK Advanced People Search will locate residential addresses, phone numbers, property prices, and much more.
UK Yell Yellow Pages - UK Yellow Pages ( Search by keyword, company name or service and location.

Africa - Namibia Phone Books
Telecom Namibia - Search for people or a business in Namibia Phonebook by Telecom ( Find people by name and search by city or nationwide.
Namdirectory Namibia - Namibian business directory ( Search by keyword or categories.

Asia & Middle East - China Phone Books
China Telecom Group - China Telecom Business Directory ( Search by company name, business type, and select a province, location. Directory is in Chinese only.

Australia & Pacific - Australia Phone Books
Australia White Pages - Lookup people in the Australia Phone Book by last name, and location ( Search Australia telephone directory for phone numbers and addresses.
Australia Yellowpages - Search for businesses in the Australia Phone Book ( Search by name, or category, and location. Find by business type- accountants, doctors, hair salons, hotels, restaurants, and more.