St Kitts and Nevis Phone Number Lookup:

St Kitts and Nevis Phone number: +1 - 869 - XXX-XXXX
Country: St Kitts and Nevis
Country code: 1
Capital of St Kitts and Nevis: Basseterre
Basseterre Area code: 869
Local Time:
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
St Kitts and Nevis is a NANP Country
St Kitts and Nevis Area codes: 869
St Kitts and Nevis 1-869 Phone Number Location: Basseterre, Bachelor Hall, Bachelors Hall Estate, Barnabys Village, Barnes Ghaut, Barnes Gut Village, Basse Terre Town, Basseterre, Bath, Bath Village, Bayford's, Bayfords Village, Beaumont, Beaumont Village, Belle Vue, Boreo, Bourryau, Box Hill, Boyd's, Bramble, Brambles, Brick Kiln, Brick Kiln Village, Brown, Brown Hill, Brown Pasture, Brown Pasture Village, Brownes, Brumaire, Buck Hill Village, Buck's Hill, Burnaby, Burts, Butlers, Camps, Canada, Cayon, Cayon Village, Cayton, Challengers, Challengers Village, Charlestown, Chicken Stone, Church Ground, Clifton, Cliftons, Cole Hill, Cotton Ground, Cotton Ground Village, Cox, Cox's Village, Craddocks, Craddock's Village, Crook's Ground, Dalzells, Dieppe Bay, Dieppe Bay Town, Douglas, Fenton Hill, Fig Tree, Fig Tree Village, Fothergill, Fothergill's, Fountain, Fountain Village, Geagans, Geoghan, Gingerland, Golden Rock, Greatheeds, Half Way Tree, Half Way Tree Village, Hard Time, Hardtimes, Harris, Heldens, Hermitage, Hichmans, Hickmans Village, Hick's, Hicks Village, Holmes Hill, Houston, Houstons, Hull Ground, Jack in the Box, Jessup, Jessup's Village, John England Village, Key, Key Village, Kit Stoddart's, Kit Stoddarts Village, Kittitian Village, La Guerite, La Guerite Village, Lees, Leigh's Village, Limekiln, Lodge, Lodge Village, Lower Canada, Lucas, Maddens, Maddon, Mannings, Mansion, Mardenbrough, Market Shop, Maynards Ground, Middle Island, Middle Island Village, Molineaux, Molyneux, Monkey Hill, Monkey Hill Village, Montpelier, Mount Lily, Mount Lily Village, New River, Newcastle, Newcastle Village, Newton Ground, Newton Ground Village, Nicola Town, Ogee's, Ogees Village, Old Road, Old Road Town, Ortons, Otley, Ottley's, Ottley's Village, Parry's, Parrys Village, Parson's Ground, Parson's Village, Pembroke, Perry, Phillips, Phillips Village, Pond Hill, Rawlins, Rices, Romney, Romneys, Saddlers' Village, Sadlers, Sadlers Village, Saint Paul's, Saint Paul's Village, Saint Peter's, Sandy Point, Sandy Point Town, Sandy Point Village, Scarborough, Sheriffs Village, Sherriffs, Stapleton, Stapleton Village, Stonyhill, Tabernacle, Tabernacle Village, Taylors Pasture, Trant, Trants, Trinity, Upper Conaree, Vaughans, Webb's Ground, Westbury, Whitegate, Whitehall, Wingfield Estate, Wingfield Manor, Zetlands, Zion, Zion Hill, Zion Hill Village, Zion Village
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