Montserrat Phone Number Lookup:

Montserrat Phone number: +1 - 664 - XXX-XXXX
Country: Montserrat
Country code: 1
Capital of Montserrat: Plymouth
Plymouth Area code: 664
Local Time:
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
Montserrat is a NANP Country
Montserrat Area codes: 664
Montserrat Mobile Exchange Codes: 492, 493, 495, 496
Montserrat 1-664 Phone Number Location: Brades, Cork Hill, Salem, Saint John's Village, Gerald's, Amersham, Baker Hill, Bank Level, Banks, Beech Hill, Bethel, Black Ghaut Basin, Brades, Bramble, Bransby, Cavalla Hill, Cheapend, Cork Hill, Cork Hill Village, Cudjoe Head, Cudjoehead Village, Dagenham, Davy Hill, Delvins, Dick Hill, Drummond's, Duberry Hill, Dyer's, Fairfield, Farm, Farm Village, Fleming, Fogarty, Fox's Bay, Frith, Gages, Gerald's, Gerald's Bottom, Gingoes, Glen Mhor, Gun Hill, Happy Hill, Harris, Harris Village, Hodge's Hill, Hope, Iles Bay, Jubilee Town, Judy Piece, Kinsale, Kinsale Village, Lee's, Lees Village, Long Ground, Long Ground Village, Mango Hill, Marko Bottom, Molyneux, Morris', Nixons, Old Norwood, Old Towne, Olveston, Parsons, Plymouth, Pond Bottom, Rendezvous, Rendezvous Village, Richmond, Richmond Hill, Roche's Yard, Rocklands, Ryners, Saint George's Hill, Saint John, Saint John's Village, Saint Patrick's, Saint Patrick's Village, Saint Peter's Village, Saint Peters, Salem, Shooters Hill, Soldier Ghaut, Spanish Point, Streatham, Trant's, Trials, Tuitt's, Victoria, Virgin Island, Webbs, Weekes, Windy Hill, Woodlands, Zion Hill.
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