US Virgin Islands Phone Number Lookup:

US Virgin Islands Phone number: +1 - 340 - XXX-XXXX
Country: US Virgin Islands
Country code: 1
Capital of US Virgin Islands: Charolotte Amalie/St. Thomas
Charolotte Amalie/St. Thomas Area code: 340
Local Time:
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
US Virgin Islands is a NANP Country
US Virgin Islands Area codes: 340
US Virgin Islands 1-340 Phone Number Location: Charlotte Amalie, Adelphi, Adrian, Allandale, Altona, Altona, Anguilla, Annaberg, Annaberg, Annaly, Anna's Hope, Barrett, Beck Grove, Beeston Hill, Bellevue, Belvedere, Benner, Bethany, Bethlehem Old Work, Bettys Hope, Betzys Jewell, Blessing, Bodkin, Bonne Esperance, Bonne Esperance, Bordeaux, Bugbyhole, Bulows Minde, Butler Bay, Butzberg, Cabritaberg, Calabash Boom, Camporico, Canaan, Canaan, Cane, Cane Valley, Canebay, Carden, Caret Bay Estate, Carlton, Carolina, Castle Coakley, Catharinas Hope, Cathrines Rest, Charlotte Amalie, Christiansted, Clairmont, Clifton Hill, Coble, Concordia, Concordia, Concordia, Concordia, Contant, Contant, Contentment, Cooper, Coral Bay, Cotton Grove, Cotton Valley, Cowell Battery, Cruz Bay, Diamond, Diamond, Diamond Keturah, Donoe, Dorothea, East End, Emmaus, Enighed, Enighed, Ensomned, Envy, Estate Thomas, Fareham, Fish Bay, Fort Christian, Fort Frederick, Fountain, Fredensborg, Fredensdal, Frederiks Haab, Frederiksted, Fredriksdal, Frenchtown, Friedensfeld, Frydendal, Glynn, Golden Grove, Good Hope, Granard, Grange, Great Pond, Green Kay, Grove Place, Hams Bay, Hard Labour, Hermitage, Hesselberg, Hoffman, Hogensborg, Hope, Hope, Humbug, Jealousy, Jerusalem and Figtree Hill, John Oley, Johns Folly, Jolly Hill, Kingshill, Knight, L'Esperance, La Grande Princesse, La Grange, La Reine, La Vallee, Lameshur, Laprey Valley, Leinster Bay, Lerkenlund, Libanon Hill, Lilliendahl, Limetree, Little Fountain, Longford, Louisenhoj, Lovenlund, Lower Love, Lowrys Hill, Madame Carty, Mafolie, Mandal, Mariendal, Mary Point, Misgen, Mollendal, Mon Bijou, Monte, Montpellier, Montpellier, Morningstar, Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant, Munster, Nadir, Nazareth, Negro Bay, Neltjeberg, Nicholas, North Side, North Star, Nugent, Orange Grove, Orangegrove, Oxford, Palestina, Paradise, Parasol, Pearl, Pearson Gardens, Peters Rest, Petronella, Pleasant Vale, Plessen, Profit, Prosperity, Punch, Raphune, Rattan and Belvedere, Recovery Hill, Reef Bay, Resolution, Richmond, Robe Hill, Rosendal, Ruan Bay, Ruby, Ryan, Saint John, Saint Peter, Sallys Fancy, Sandy Point, Santa Maria Estate, Seven Hills, Shoys, Sieben, Sion Farm, Sion Hill, Slob, Smithfield, Solberg, Solitude, Sorgenfri, Spanish Town, Springfield, St Croix Island, St John Island, St Thomas Island, Strawberry Hill, Susannaberg, Teagues Bay, Testman, Tutu, Two Brothers, Upper Bethlehem, Upper Love, Name, Waldberggaard, Water Island, Wheel of Fortune, Whim, Whites Bay, William, Williams Delight, Windberg, Windsor, Zambee
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