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Boars Hill reverse phone lookup +44-1865 see who is calling! FREE reverse search by phone number. How to call to and from United Kingdom.

Boars Hill, United Kingdom phone number: +44 - 1865 - Local Number
Country: United Kingdom
Country code: 44
Area Code for Boars Hill, United Kingdom: 1865
Capital of United Kingdom: London
Local Time:
Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
United Kingdom Mobile Codes: 74, 75, 77, 78, 79
United Kingdom +44-1865 Phone Number Search in: Boars Hill, Charlton on Otmoor, Clifton Hampden, Cowley, Cumnor, Eynsham, Frilford Heath, Garsington, Headington, Kidlington, Longworth, Marcham, Nuneham, Oxford, Stadhampton, Standlake, Stanton St John, Summertown, Warborough, Wheatley.

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