World Phone Books

North America & Caribbean Islands - Saint Barthelemy Phone Books
White Pages - St Barthelemy - Lookup people in the Saint Barthelemy Phone Book ( Search by first name, last name, and location. St Bart is an overseas department and territory of France.Enter - St Barthelemy 972 - for the location or region. Directory is in French.
St Barthelemy Pages - Online Yellow Pages ( for Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten and Anguilla. Lookup a business by name or category. Directory is in French and English.

South America & Central America - Panama Phone Books
Panama Anunciese Book - Search a business in the Anunciese Phone Book ( by business name or category, and the location. Panama Anunciese directory is in English and Spanish.

Europe - Jersey Phone Books
The Jersey Directory - Search for people or businesses in Jersey Telephone Directory ( name of person or business, and location.
Guernsey Business Directory - Search for businesses in the Guernsey Yellow Pages ( Search bybusiness name or type, and choose Jersey or Guernsey as the location.

Africa - Malawi Phone Books
Malawi Phone Books - Find a business in the Malawi Phone Book ( Lookup by business name or service, and select a region or city in Malawi. Directory is both in English and in French.

Asia & Middle East - Qatar Phone Books
Qatar Yellow Directory - Qatar Yellow Pages ( Large database which includes categories. Search for any business in Qatar by type, company name or a brand name.

Australia & Pacific - Kiribati Phone Books