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Yellow Pages of France including overseas departments and territories of France.Find businesses in the Pages Jaunes, by name, category or business type.Quoi, Qui- enter business name or type - -Ou- enter city or location.Directory in French only.

Business Directory of companies, professional and reverse phone lookup-Annuaire- enter name of business, type of business, address and location.Annuaire inverse- enter phone number for reverse phone number results.Directory in French only.

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Lookup people in France Phone Book ( Search by last name, first name.Enter -0- and local number. Select tab -A qui est ce Numero- for reverse phone search.Enter city or post code for - Localite. France Pages Blanches is in French only.

Select the tab -Sur l'annuaire inverse- for Free reverse phone search in France. Enter -0- and phone number for results.Search - Yellow Pages (Un professionnel) - White Pages (Un particulier)Directory in French only.

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How to call France

from abroad landline: IAC + 33 + Starting Digits + 9-digit local number
from abroad mobile: +33 + Mobile Code + 9-digit local number
from any city in France: 0 + Starting Digits + 9-digit local number
Calling France from USA/Canada?
Dial: 011 +33 + Phone Number
Calling France from other Countries?
Dial: IAC +33 + Phone Number
International Access Code: IAC is needed to dial out from a country.

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230 V, 50 Hz


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